Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My fantasy world (published in Gancho, October 2014)

Tanguera Journal: January 10th, 2008 – Thursday

Yesterday evening I had the tango class! I know I’ve been waiting for it anxiously because it was the first dance class this year! It’s funny…  usually I’m more anxious about the salsa lesson, but since I haven’t been dancing since the middle of December, now even the tango lesson was a reason to be all smiley and happy : )  

But I had no idea it was going to make me so ecstatic… It was AWSOME!! Oh!... I got there at around 6pm, met with the guys – Alex, Mike, Jane, Laura… We had a good laugh, talked about the holidays and stuff. Finally, the teachers – Emily and Joe – came and we began the class. We had our usual warm-up and then Joe said that boys should invite the girls to dance. I was standing (intentionally…) next to Mike… I loooove dancing with him! So, he did invite me! : D We danced for a few songs trying to practice what we’ve learned last year and I must admit I rocked! I’m so modest and all!! : ))

Then the magic happened: Joe showed us a new structure. Emily was busy with some registrations for the salsa congress that they were organizing, so Joe took one of the girls to show us, but she didn’t manage to follow… she’s new… So he turned to me and asked if I can help him. He’s never done that before! I felt important, but a little scared, too (I didn’t show that!). I did good, though, and Joe said that I must’ve done something during the holidays that I became such a good follower… Hihihi… But he was right! I mean I had big problems following before, and now, I don’t know what happened, it felt so easy. Maybe the break helped all the information settle in. Who knows?

After he showed the structure he told everyone to try it with music and he came back to me and said “Let’s see how you do on music” and we danced an entire song! That was another first : ) But the way we danced… that was the big surprise! I mean, he did stuff he never taught us before, stuff that I didn’t know my legs could do! And it was all so… I don’t know… connected and  fluid and... dreamy! 

I went home after that and began to look up videos on YouTube about and with tango. I lost myself in them until morning almost. I think it was 4am when I realized how late it was and I had to wake up this morning to go to work. But right now I don’t even feel tired and I still have that big kinda stupid smile on my face…  I have a very strange feeling, like when you’re in love and it’s so good! I don’t want to lose it. It’s enough to close my eyes and remember the dance from last night and it all comes back: the ecstatic feeling, the smile, that other world I’d discovered. I want to jump up and down with joy, but I’m at work, so I really can’t. So play another tango and just let my imagination do what I saw in all those videos last night. 

I feel like I’ve just discovered my fantasy world! : )

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